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Living in Fulda


1 On the top

Leben in Fulda On the top
The Fulda region has the highest quality of life in Hesse.*
Crucial factors: Affluence, expenses, living space, job market and health.
In addition, Fulda is one of the most family-friendly regions in Germany.

*Source: Fokus, 18.03.2014

2 home time

Leben in Fulda Feierabend
We have one of the highest pub and bar densities in Germany in a 'party mile'
Distance: mecom - city centre: 3.7 km

3 Relaxing in the city

Leben in Fulda Chillen in der City
Fulda is a green city: relaxing in the park or a street cafe. So close you can even go quickly during the lunch break.
Distance: mecom ‒ Aueweiher city park: 1.9 km

4 Sports crazy

Leben in Fulda Sportverrückt
Paragliding, skate night, outdoor and indoor climbing, golf, skiing, diving, fitness studio, fishing, riding, fencing, tennis, mountain biking, salsa dancing and numerous sports associations ‒ Fulda and the surrounding area is a sports paradise!!
Distance mecom – Wasserkuppe: 29.7 km

5 Cultural pleasures

Leben in Fulda Kulturgenuss
Musicals, concerts, theatre, cinema, poetry slams, festival of sounds, museums and a multitude of culinary experiences are waiting to be discovered ‒ here in Fulda!
Distance: mecom ‒ planetarium: 3.8 km

6 Biosphere Reserve Rhoen mountains

Leben in Fulda Biosphärenreservat Rhön
Germany's most beautiful low mountain ranges stretching across Hesse, Bavaria and Thuringia.
Recognised as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.
Distance: mecom ‒ Milseburg in the Hesse Rhön mountains: 21 km

7 Central

Leben in Fulda Zentral
Hamburg, Cologne and Munich can all be reached in just 3 hours from Fulda. A further plus point: ICE railway station.
Driving distance: mecom ‒ Hamburg: 402 km
Driving distance: mecom ‒ Cologne: 272 km
Driving distance: mecom ‒ Munich: 363 km

8 Finding a home

Leben in Fulda Wohnungsfund
It does not take long to find a home here and the homes are lovely! The average rental price in Fulda is around 9.54€/m2.*
In comparison: The average rental price in Frankfurt is 14.41 €/m2.*
The average rental price in Munich is 19.60 €/m2.


9 Everybody's Darling

Leben in Fulda Everybodys darling
Fulda is the most beautiful and best loved city in Hesse.*

**Source Hessischer Rundfunk listener survey

Distance: mecom – city castle: 3.4 km