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Enter the world of Audi

web based training

Audi is seen as a modern, premium brand. innovation mecom has developed an interactive training in order to give new employees a first look at the world of Audi, the success story and the rise of the Audi brand.

New employees use this to learn the fascinating company history – from the founding of the company at the end of the 19th century to today – up close and to experience interesting details about Audi. Navigation within the interactive e-learning training is realised with horizontal scrolling. This intuitive type of navigation is self-explanatory and makes it easy to use. Particular highlights include the innovative menu structure as well as the interconnected pages where the interesting history of the Audi brand is told using detailed animations, exciting videos and added sound sequences.

With this interactive online training, Audi is offering its new employees the best possible start into the world of Audi.