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Bosch Catherine – 3rd living space

innovation mecom creates the animation video “3rd living space” to train Bosch internal executives worldwide on this topic. The animation theme is a vision of the future that represents the car next to home and workplace as a third living space. The basic idea is to make annoying car journeys as trouble-free and effective as possible. In this vision, the “Internet of Things” plays the main role. The networking of Internet-enabled devices, whether in the household, at work or in the automobile, is in the spotlight and is intended to make life easier for us in the future.

In order to present this technical topic to the audience in an original way, a playful approach was used. The illustration was first drawn by hand in a cheerful comic form and later animated.

The storyline revolves around the fictitious character “Catherine”. Catherine is a single mother of two teenage children who also father in need of care in addition to her job. The animation designed and developed by innovation mecom, impressively demonstrates everyday examples of how Bosch Catherine helps to organize all the daily tasks. All Bosch home appliances are networked with each other as well as with Catherine’s smartphone, desktop PC and automobile.