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HMI Development for CES 2017


HMI development by innovation mecom – with design and usability for the automobile of the future.

innovation mecom and the Bosch show car at the international trade fair Consumer Electronics Show CES 2017.

In the area of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), innovation mecom offers their expertise in efficient cooperation with automotive manufacturers and automotive suppliers. innovation mecom’s HMI development includes both graphic design as well as the technical programming of the user interfaces; providing a complete service for the design and implementation of virtual cockpits. The Bosch show car, featuring a virtual cockpit designed and programmed by innovation mecom, has been on exhibition since 2016 and demonstrates successful cooperation with the automotive sector. The show car is currently on exhibition at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) international trade fair.

The HMI modules are designed and implemented on a customer-specific basis and are optimally adapted to all technical, graphic and haptic requirements. HMI development, which is requirement- and target group-specific, takes the highest project priority due to the fact that the HMI is the most important interface between man and machine.

With over 15 years of experience, innovation mecom is one of the leading specialists in the visual conception of HMIs, with major strengths in usability and graphic know-how. An important core area within the HMI development is the creation of sophisticated and demand-specific designs in combination with user-friendly usability and intelligent haptics. Design conceptualisation also plays an important role within the graphic design development. The technical implementation and programming of all virtual cockpit graphical representations, also constitutes one of innovation mecom competences. As the HMI system communicates with the user through eye and gesture sensors, the virtual cockpits technical focus, is on the fast evaluation by the sensors and the subsequent analysis of user feedback in real time. innovation mecom uses the specially developed flashbeam engine v8, which allows, for example, real-time 3D animations within a network cluster for the hardware control.

Bosch Showcar for the CES 2017