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Yes, of course! Even compliance trainings can be fun for the participants.

Training employees on compliance topics such as anti-corruption or anti-bribery is essential for many large companies. Wherever large sums of money are moved, it is important to sensitise employees in this area. innovation mecom has created an extremely exciting web-based training course on the subject of compliance, which is similar to a point-and-click adventure, and is designed highly interactive. At the beginning the users choose their avatar, with which they enter a working day that will confront them with many challenges. The fact that the avatar moves through a building that exists in reality and is known to every training participant strengthens the connection to the personal workday.

The training delights the participants with many details that are unusual for a compliance training course that is dry in itself. For example, during the entire training, the participants can always have a look at the virtual smartphone, which they have to use several times during the training. Furthermore, the personal key card gives access to protected company areas. And finally, you have a virtual notebook that is always available and which you can use to recall the most important information from previous training chapters at any time.

The innovative design of the behaviour training also scores in terms of content

In each use case, i.e. the vivid descriptions of realistic work situations in which employees try out and consolidate their knowledge of various compliance topics, the course of conversation with fictitious colleagues and business partners takes a different turn, depending on which of the answer alternatives presented the users choose.

The training is so much fun for the participants because it conveys the dry subject matter at stake in a highly playful, true-to-life and dynamic way.

This online training received the Annual Multimedia Award 2019, the IELA Award 2018 and the Comenius EduMedia Seal 2018.