Only learn the vocabulary that is needed for your job – the individual, interactive language training teaches employees the important expressions and formulations.

To learn English playfully and with the right Audi keywords. That’ s possible with Audi’s comprehensive foreign language training “Drive your English”, which innovation mecom developed for Audi AG. Films from the fields of digitisation, sustainability, urbanisation and Audi Experience can be viewed in English. “How can I connect the car and the city?”, “What is the point of alternative fuels?”, “What is Audi lighting technology?” and “And what is Audi DNA?” are just some of the topics addressed in this foreign language training course.

The films are accompanied by a comprehensive task package with interactive exercises in which what has just been heard can be directly applied. Assigning definitions, forming word families, inserting the correct prepositions, picture puzzles and much more awaits the learners who gradually improve their language skills in this way. The glossary summarises the main vocabulary for review and learning. The foreign language training remembers the already completed chapters, so that after a break one can start again where one left off. Not simply cramming vocabulary, but expanding one’ s vocabulary in an interactive way – and at the same time refreshing one’ s company-specific knowledge.