Knowledge on Demand enables your employees to find knowledge exactly when they need it.

Knowledge on Demand (KoD) – that means comprehensive information that can be called up online, presented in an informative and interesting multimedia format. innovation mecom has developed KoDs for Audi KoDs in the areas of lighting technology, powertrain, tron, connect and assistance systems. Updates are also created at regular intervals. The KoDs clearly show which techniques are available in which Audi model. With the help of videos and graphics, a high level of clarity is possible. For example, in the Lighting Technology section, videos show how options such as crossing light or high beam assistant affect driving. With the help of video, users can also see how the Audi valvelift system or charge air cooler works in the powertrain. With the help of graphics and animations, the KoD to the assistance systems provides a good insight into the functioning of a traffic jam assistant or Audi pre sense city.

But it is not only a question of a concentrated transfer of knowledge, but also of preparing the information in a variety of ways. For example, through small knowledge checks, additional information via mouseover or other exercises. The KoDs are intended to serve Audi dealers worldwide as a source of information, so they are all available in at least 15 languages.