Bring everyone to one table – with the customer table

Customer concerns are an important matter for AUDI AG employees. In order to sensitise them to how they can deal with these concerns, Audi has developed the customer table. In this round, employees from different business areas come together to deal with different topics.

innovation mecom has developed a web-based training course for AUDI AG. The WBT is intended to familiarise Audi employees with the customer table.

This happens from the first-person perspective, so that the user can put himself even better into the situation. He learns how the customer table is prepared and carried out, which topics are relevant, and if and when a topic is escalated to the next higher level. The training is presented with illustrations to allow a certain level of abstraction. In preparation for the next customer table in their own department, the user is also introduced to the possibility of a “brain dump”. This is suitable for jointly exploring important topics with others.