One must have seen and experienced them, the innovative features of the Audi TT. With the app and the WBT, the Audi employees can access it anywhere and at any time. This creates understanding and fascination.

The Audi TT is Audi’s design icon. In order to familiarise Audi dealers with the fascinating design and technical highlights of the sports car, innovation mecom has developed an iPad app and a WBT for Audi.
With interactive exercises, the training will bring Audi dealers closer to the new and innovative features of the third generation of the Audi TT Coupé. Special highlights of the e-learning are the seat configurator, the simulation of the innovative operating concept of the innovative air conditioning system, the presentation of the Audi virtual cockpit and the interactive morphing, in which Audi employees can experience the various paint jobs live, for example. The priority of the training is the sustainable communication of the learning contents, which is why all interactive exercises were designed according to didactic principles. The Audi TT Coupé e-learning system gives Audi dealers the opportunity to give their customers comprehensive advice on the various innovative features of the sports car.