Augmented Reality App: Experience decor combinations


Discover the effect of different combinations of interior decors

Does burl wood go well with aluminum and beige leather? Or do these decor options harmonise in someones imagination, but not in the car interior? Our AR app helps you determine the wide range of interior design options available for the Audi Q7 and Q8.

When buying a car, every customer expects to be advised in a targeted and stylish manner. It is helpful if he can get an impression of different interior decors in advance. Certainly, customer and salesperson do not automatically share the same taste, but nevertheless: If the salesperson himself is convinced and perfectly prepared, his enthusiasm will jump like a spark to the customer.

Our AR app recognizes the interior of the respective car model in which the customer is located. From there he can choose from different decors. Thanks to AR technology, the selected decor that the customer has chosen for this area – such as fittings and seats – then appears on the screen. In this way he can let himself be affected bit by bit, whether root wood panelling goes with beige leather seats or rather with black ones.

The advantage: Only one model of a certain design is actually needed. All other configurations can be displayed digitally.