Future vision brought to life – the car as 3rd Living Space

For its customer Bosch, innovation mecom created the animation video Bosch Catherine to train Bosch executives worldwide. Frame story of the animation is a vision of the future. This presents the car as a third living space next to home and work. The basic idea is that the car – as soon as it drives automatically – develops into a personalised feel-good zone in which the time that is still used for active driving today becomes “quality lifetime”. The “Internet of things” plays the leading role in this vision. The networking of Internet-enabled devices, whether in the home, at work or in the car, is the focus and should make life easier for us in the future.

In order to present this technical topic in an original way, we decided on a playful approach. So the story was first drawn by hand in a comic-like and cheerful style and later animated.

The storyline centers around the fictional character “Catherine”. Catherine is a single mother of two teenage children and has a job as well as a father in need of care. The animation we designed and developed impressively shows in everyday examples how the smart tools from Bosch support Catherine. For this purpose, all Bosch household appliances are connected to each other and to Catherine’s smartphone, desktop PC and car.