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Management training, which explains important processes and trains soft skills. The aim of the e-learning is to support the participants in optimising their relationship management with customers and prospects.

Using many practical exercises, our online training deals with the interface management between the departments involved in CRM and the management.  Managers are sensitized to critical issues such as data transfer and can check their own behavioural impulses. What makes this WBT stand out is that the storyline and the exercises are adapted to the respective role of the user. To ensure that the participant’s identification with the role is as high as possible, he or she can even choose whether they want to be shown a male or female avatar. The individual 1:1 communication desired by the employees has also found expression in the design of the e-learning. After the participant has completed the module for his own role, he can also complete the modules for the other roles. This creates transparency and promotes the smoothest possible cooperation within the company. However, since many managers are under time pressure, this part of the training is voluntary and can be completed later if necessary. Although the e-learning is extensive in terms of content and the many interactive exercises make it essential to actively participate and absorb the content with an alert mind, each participant can complete it in just 20 minutes.

What are the benefits of this training?

Nowadays, good CRM is key for long-term business success. Even if the products are great, the prices are right and the advertising is well done, sales success is far from guaranteed. Because especially when it comes to complex or high-priced goods, customers only like to buy if they feel well understood and well treated. That is why customer relationship management is becoming increasingly important. Until a purchase is concluded, the customer often has a long history of contact with various employees of the company. From the marketing department, he may have received emails and brochures on new products and services, while the service team takes care of the maintenance of the product he is currently using and reminds him of any maintenance appointments or likewise. When he starts to be interested in one of the new offers, he enters into dialogue with the sales team. It is obvious that the company creates a bad image of itself if it gives the impression that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing and that information left by the customer with a company employee has not been passed on internally. But even a new customer quickly notices whether sales and service consultants understand him and provide personal and individual support.

Our CRM online training makes employees fit for the best possible customer service, and that pays off in the end.