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As a joint project of SMOG e.V., Goethe University Frankfurt and the German and Luxembourg sections of the International Police Association, innovation mecom developed a training programme (e-learning) that teaches children in a playful way how to behave safely in critical situations.
The “Cool and Safe” e-learning course is designed to empower children and is divided into five sections that teach them how to behave towards strangers, how to use the Internet safely and how to protect their rights. The e-learning, which is available online to all children, parents and teachers, was designed to be child-friendly. Special emphasis was placed on the playful and interactive transfer of knowledge.

A tutoring figure called “Smoggy” accompanies the kids through the training. Videos show children in true-to-life critical scenes and each present three behavioural alternatives. The kids at the computer decide for themselves how they would behave in such a situation and Smoggy informs them about the right choice. Through the use of short, interactive videos, even children with poor reading and concentration can be reached through the training.

Link to the Online-Training “Cool and Safe”