Immerse yourself in six decades of company history on a virtual journey through time

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the company, the vending machine manufacturer Gauselmann presented the milestones in the history of the company with an exciting and thrilling virtual reality experience. Innovation mecom designed and produced the 360° video in which viewers can move freely. In order to immerse themselves in the virtual history of the company, users placed their smartphones in cardboard glasses provided by Gauselmann, put them on, sat on a swivel chair and then looked around in the 360° video. In order to offer as much variety as possible, the decades were interpreted in different ways, so that new visual experiences always surprised the users. The virtual world was equipped with details from the world of slot machines and images from the company’s 60-year history. The whole thing was rounded off with pictures from contemporary history, which provided for many an aha-experience. It was important that it was easy to use, so that even those who had not yet dealt with VR could view it. An international audience should also be addressed, which is why the VR experience is available in German, English and Spanish.

innovation mecom designed and supplied all the necessary components for the VR experience. You can experience the 360° video for yourself by calling from your smartphone. And if you already have cardboard goggles: This makes it even more fun!