Immerse yourself in six decades of company history on a virtual journey through time

On the occasion of the company’s 60th anniversary, the vending machine manufacturer Gauselmann presented the milestones of the company history with an exciting and thrilling virtual reality experience. We at innovation mecom have produced a 360° VR video in which viewers can move freely. To immerse yourself completely in the virtual company history, all you need is a smartphone and a VR card board.

To offer as much variety as possible, the decades were interpreted in different ways. The user was thus surprised by ever new visual experiences. The virtual environment was equipped with details from the world of slot machines and images from the company’s 60-year history.

Intuitive usability was important in the implementation in order to make the virtual experience available to those users who had never before come into contact with VR technologies. For the international audience the content was also translated into English and Spanish.

This VR app is the solution for a variety of challenges and goals. For example, it can be used during the onboarding process of new employees, but also for marketing and information measures of all kinds.

We design and deliver all necessary components for the VR experience. You can watch the 360° video if, from your smartphone visit Enjoy! Tip: With a VR-Cardboard the fun is increased even more.