Online-Training for a premium car manufacturer

Managers have a role model function – especially when it comes to integrity, culture and compliance. But these issues can be quite dry. With a true-to-life story, appealing illustrations and lots of variety, it is nevertheless possible to inspire learners. innovation mecom GmbH met this challenge with its web-based training for a premium car manufacturer.

As part of a holistic training concept, the WBT is a compulsory component of the leadership development as a theoretical foundation. An integer and value-driven action must be anchored in management behaviour as basis of economic success and must be carried effectively into the company. The aim of the qualification measure is to sensitize managers to the three interlinked topics of personal integrity, corporate culture and compliance-oriented behavior.

This training is the relaunch of an existing training course. As the companies management team regularly attends training sessions on these topics, it was important to provide the WBT with new and exciting approaches and to pull out all the stops to inspire the participants. With a new story, into which the learning content was intelligently woven, the online training was given an extremely involving frame of reference, which from the very beginning suggests that there will be surprises and innovations:

This time the users accompany three executives on a business trip to an executive convention. They are accompanied by an expert from the compliance department, who gives the colleagues the right impetus when they have questions. Along the way, they deal, for example, with integrity, disregard for compliance or the role model function of managers. The learner is provided with multifaceted exercises. Depending on how successfully he or she completes them, the more or less questions he or she receives in the final knowledge test. Good performance is well rewarded.

As a special exercise, two dilemma tasks are included. For these there is no right or wrong, so the user has to think about how he would behave in the respective situation. These exercises are particularly close to practice, because depending on the department in which the learner works, he is likely to encounter such a case.

Another special feature of the training is the graphical visualization: Illustrations are combined with real pictures. The drawn protagonists sit in a “real” vehicle. The individual case studies are communicated to the user via different media, e.g. through the news on the radio or an e-mail on the tablet. This makes the online training extremely varied and true-to-life. Another unusual and pleasantly different feature compared to mainstream WBTs is the menu that matches the storyline, which presents the subject areas as a map with stopovers that the user can quickly reach step by step.