Web Based TrainingAudi e-tron GT

How we communicate product knowledge efficiently and intuitively

innovation mecom brings the all-electric e-tron GT to life for salespeople: explain sales arguments clearly and in a customer-oriented way, describe design highlights, and understand the claim to sustainability. These were the defined learning objectives for this training.

The challenge:

The number of technical and visual features that the WBT aims to teach retail salespeople is high. In particular, some of the new technical refinements of the e-tron GT are challenging familiar sales practices.

The challenge was to give the WBT a dynamic look and feel while conveying the high information density.


The solution:

Our e-learning experts not only let the Audi sales team experience the new e-tron GT, but also turn the customer meeting into a journey in which the users themselves take center stage. Along the way, the 3D Remote Experience created by Audi and the virtual customer conversation are also integrated into the interactive story. The use of gamification elements keeps users motivated and interested, resulting in lasting learning success.


These are the special features of the e-tron GT E-Learning:

Sophisticated narrative thread

Join our protagonist who wants to see, know and understand all sorts of things. This allows the training participants to interactively discover all product features in turn. As a result, they can pictorially imagine themselves in upcoming customer conversations and sales situations.

In addition to product knowledge, the WBT provides a template for upcoming customer meetings. Through the experienced story in the learning module, it is easy for the participants to imagine themselves in customer experiences with the vehicle and to transfer the acquired knowledge to their own sales talks.


No off-the-shelf e-learning

The individual demands on the training are reflected in its conception and graphic implementation. All important information is conveyed through high-quality illustrations. In combination with real photos and renderings of the product, the training creates a unique and smart look that underlines the quality of the e-learning module.


High dynamic and interactivity

To make the training as dynamic as the e-tron GT, it precisely balances the high information density with many gamification elements and a variety of interactivities.  In addition, involvement is activated through exercises and selections. In this way, participants interactively influence the course of the training and become part of the product experience.


The great success of the training is reflected in the positive feedback of the customer and in the comments of the users:

  • “Wow, really brilliantly done.” – Audi Production
  • “I was just looking at the e-tron GT WBT. Congratulations. Turned out great.” – Audi Marketing Department
  • “Very nicely done! Thank you very much!” – Audi Finance Department

KlClear design and focus on what is important: Users learn interactively and intuitively.ares Design und Fokus auf das Wichtige: Die Nutzer lernen interaktiv und intuitiv.

Kein FeaNo feature comes up short: from performance to personalization, the WBT covers all the info.ture kommt zu knapp: Von der Performance bis zur Personalisierung behandelt das WBT alle Infos.

InteraktivInteractive elements and gamification increase motivation.e Elemente und Gamification erhöhen die Motivation.

Direct activation: Not only the text has a motivating effect, the visual language also engages users.Nutzer ein.