IT Security Training

Strengthen your company’s data security – with serious games

Cybercrime is one of the biggest threats to companies. In the hackers’ sights: the staff. With interactive IT security training, you can raise employees’ awareness of the invisible danger in the long term and ensure that hacker attacks come to nothing.


The challenge:

Cyberattacks target the weakest point of the IT security architecture: your employees. A wrong click here, a careless entry there – that’s enough to cause millions in damage in extreme cases. The correct behavior of your staff is crucial for the security of sensitive company data.


The solution:

In interactive IT security training courses, your employees not only learn the theoretical rules of conduct. In serious game mode, they can actively apply their knowledge by having to identify and eliminate potential dangers in simulated everyday situations. The training participants complete one challenge after the other and thus learn the correct handling of confidential and secret company and customer data in a fun way..


These are the advantages of IT security training:

Higher motivation

Playful challenges with a reward system and a high fun factor during training increase the motivation to learn.

More learning success

Rules are not simply imposed, but intrinsically established and immediately translated into concrete behavior.

Stronger identification

The learner becomes the main actor of the IT security training and can immediately identify with the company’s goals.