For exciting infotainment events, such as the Audi Central Launch Trainings, innovation mecom creates highly integrated and scalable training apps. Product training courses for tens of thousands of participants from all over the world become an unforgettable experience.

Central elements are iPads, which accompany the participants through the entire training. They provide navigation support, live tracking, communication among each other, a chat and a VoIP call function to the central control center.

The iPad provides training participants with interesting information about the new product, e.g. AR/VR experiences, videos and sophisticated animations. It also includes exercises with a playful character in which the newly acquired knowledge is tested. Of course, points are collected during the exercises. A driving experience module for vehicle test drives with geo-based tasks on the iPad is also part of the training app.

In the backend it is possible to create individual routes with geo-coordinates, tasks and changing points for vehicles and drivers. The digital logbook is automatically saved. The trainers have extensive graphical live evaluation options for surveys, feedback requests and pre-/post-tests. They can also create certificates.

Finally, the portal enables the participant and brand-specific roll-out of pre- and post-communication. Central communication and evaluation take place via cloud and backend.