Virtually explore the enormous capacity and great variability of the Q7 baggage compartment

For the presentation of the new Audi Q7, we developed an AR app for AUDI AG, which allowed participants in the Product Launch Training to experience how versatile the luggage compartment of the SUV can be adapted to the load volume required by the situation.

How much luggage and items can be stowed in the Q7? To find out, the AR app came into play. An example: Vacation with the family of four. With the help of the app, the participants were able to test how a surfboard, various suitcases, bags and the odd golf bag could fit into the space miracle Q7.

The app was used to take a picture of the empty trunk. This enabled the participants to try out whether the configuration of the benches they had made was sufficient to transport all the planned pieces of luggage. The learning effect: Thanks to the AR app, the participant got a feeling for how many objects can fit into the 2050-liter trunk of the SUV, how they have to be arranged and whether benches have to be folded down.