With the VR Challenge Escape Room App, the demonstration of expertise becomes an exciting experience that bonds team members together in an innovative way.

The gaming app is the virtual form of an escape room. It is a thrilling, interactive game for the international Audi workshop championship. The game is played in a twin team consisting of service and technical staff. To bring your team to the top, colleagues have to support each other – just like in real life. One can navigate through the virtual 3D workshop and track down questions with VR glasses and controllers, a portion of intuition, full physical commitment and helpful comments from his colleagues. His colleagues provide the answers, for each of which they are shown a number. The door code, which opens the Escape Room at the end of the game, only results from correct answers. If this is successful, the colleagues are happy together about what they have achieved through expertise, dexterity and good cooperation. One thing is for sure – AUDI AG can be confident that the workshop teams have everything they need to inspire customers.
About technology: The VR Challenge Room was developed for the Oculus Quest, although the application also works with the Oculus Rift. The Unity Engine, extended by the Oculus Framework, is used as the basis.